“Practical Apologetics” at White Sulphur Springs

I just finished a wonderful week at White Sulphur Springs Conference and Retreat Center — a beautiful Christian retreat in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.  Paul Robyn and his staff run a top-shelf operation, and they asked me to come speak to summer “retreaters” on the topic of “Practical Apologetics” — the real boots-on-the-ground, tactical approach to sharing and defending your faith.  We went through four or five presentations on that topic, then added a few on textual criticism, creation/evolution and old Earth/young Earth, and several sessions of dedicated Q&A.  As promised, below are the slides and audio from the entire week.  Huge thanks to Josh Crabtree for his outstanding A/V support!

Friday, 22 June:  Basic Bio and Introduction

1 – WSSRnR2018_Intro


Saturday, 23 June:  Atheist Role Play and New Testament Textual Criticism

2 – WSSRnR2018_NTTC


Saturday, 23 June:  Discovering Truth

3 – WSSRnR2018_Truth


Sunday, 24 June:  Morning Sermon (Why God Allows Suffering)

4 – WSSRnR2018_Sermon


Monday, 25 June:  Tactics, Part 1

5 – WSSRnR2018_Tactics1


Tuesday, 26 June:  Tactics, Part 2 and Q&A

6 – WSSRnR2018_QA


Tuesday, 26 June:  Logical Fallacies

7 – WSSRnR2018_Logic3


Thursday, 28 June:  Creation/Evolution, Old Earth/Young Earth

6 – WSSRnR2018_Creationism2